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Unique & Cute Gifts for 3 Year Olds

It is always difficult for people when they are trying to select a gift for someone. So it may be harder for adults to find a great gift for only 3 year old kids. Fortunately, YeaPop did it for you. Explore our collections here, we offers best 3 year olds gifts including: Cute LED lamps, Plush toys, educational toys and more!

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The 3 year olds are the best time to start to explore the whole new world by themselves. They start to comunicate to others and play with them as well. That's why you need to choose a right gift to help them to develop different skrills as well as good comunication with others. Yeapop' s collection is your great choice for that.

Here we will show you some example gifts which are offered by YeaPop.

1. DIY Beads Crafts for Kids

As we known, little girl like jewelry but as their parents, they don't want to pass over their gold earings or necklaces to a small kid. Insteadly, you can choose this gift: DIY Beads Crafts for Kids.

With this gift, little kid can make anything they want to make by using these colorful beads. It is a great chance for your kid to pratice hand-eye coordination, dexterity, patterns, and so much more.

2. Wooden Kitchen Toy Set

Your little kid can become a great cook with the wooden kitchen toy set. This gift includes many tools which can be used in kitchen. Your little girl or boy can play with it or play it with other little kids. It will definitely help you kid to pratise communication skrill when play with others.

3. Music Xylophone Bus

This gift can help your little kids' music skrills. This toy is not only a bus model but also a instrument. By knocking the taps, it can make great sounds.

You may want to buy this great toy for 3 year old girl or boy for stimulating their music potentials. By four or five, your little lass will be ready to attempt creating a real song.